The JM stands for John Milton. In college, I had a real love affair with the poet. I came very close with pursuing an academic career studying him, but that quickly ended when I enrolled in grad school during my first year living in New York.

I was merely a minnow in an ocean of sharks. I hadn't anticipated the fierce competition I was faced with when I started taking classes at CUNY. I quickly lost interest, not to mention, confidence and decided Milton was best left reading in the privacy of my own bedroom.

This poem was inspired by his work Samson Agonistes. I highly recommend reading him. He was/is a real genius.







For JM


It was his hair
that tangled me
in love with him

that beautiful
dark, curly hair

the more it grew
the more my love did too

but he wouldn’t
let me have him
and so I thought

well, then, no one could

so then I took the scissors
and snipped off his hair. . .


. . .if you ask me
the bastard’s lucky
I wasn’t in love with his dick.