That Tattoo Girl

Why Tattoos?

My first encounter with tattoos happened when I bought my very first rock record. It was the Rolling Stones, Tattoo You. Anyone who's ever seen the album cover knows what I'm talking about, that face with massive tattoo design. I remember as that 7-year-old girl feeling utterly compelled to stare and trace the lines of that face. It both frightened and captivated me at the same time. Now you probably ask what on earth does a 7-year-old know about the Stones? Absolutely nothing. I just loved the song "Start me up." I would listen to Jagger's cool command over and over again, and to this day, I'm convinced Tattoo You was the beginning of my interest in tattoos.






Blog: December 12, 2016

Election 2016 Haiku









xoxo. TTG



"Great art is as irrational as great music. It is mad with its own loveliness." George Jean Nathan, journalist

So any way, I'm not sure how or where we met. It may have been in passing while on the train, or the sidewalk, or maybe in some cafe, store, or maybe you're just a long time friend, who knows, but I'm glad you've managed to find your way here to my website.

Since getting my tattoos, many people, both strangers and friends, have often asked me what they mean, and I always seem to find it hard to tell a life story in what is usually a very short encounter, and so this is why I have created my website: That Tattoo Girl.

In this gallery of sorts, you'll be able to find the stories about each tattoo I have, and to keep things interesting, you'll also find some of my artwork, poetry and maybe some other stuff as well. I hope you enjoy perusing around, and from time to time, check back in because I may have something new to share or show...because just like life, this website continues to be a work in progress. Enjoy.