There was coffee, tea, and cigarettes and

 "Well we had a family meeting. . .
 that's why I came up here to visit you. . .
we kind of think you might
need help, yes, um, now don't take this the
wrong way, we've just been really worried about you. . .
Are you doing drugs? Have you ever thought about professional help . . . how about Prozac? Or Lithium? Do you think that would help you? Yes, I know about rough times, but you weren't acting right, honey, I mean, your outbursts I know you have feelings and he hurt you, but really, look, you just can't have outbursts like that . . you are just too emotional and we think that might be an indication of some kind of mental illness you might have. . . you know your mother. . .
okay, we won't talk about your mother, but still, we all
still think you need professional help to get this all under control. . .So anyway, besides all that, how have you been feeling lately?"

There was coffee, tea, and cigarettes
and my ability to leave all that laid on the table,