While in workshop, Reuben had a great many methods in which to stir inspiration. For this particular poem, he simply said use these words, "November Cotton Flower" and see what you come up with. Incidentally, November Cotton Flower is a wonderful poem by D.C. native Jean Toomer.

Interestingly enough, while mostly everyone in workshop ended up writing about the actual cotton crop, I however was inspired differently. What I saw was this image of a young woman whose hair was swept up in a loose bun with leaves tangled in it, something a cotton flower might resemble just before harvest. As a result of this image, I was instantly drawn into remembering one of my favorite Greek myths: the myth of the Abduction of Persephone, which incidentally is one of my favorite stories inspired by the Autumn season.








The Beauty of Picked Daffodils


walking through stiffening fields
finding a small barren spot
she slowly kneels to the ground

sitting upon the cooling earth
he calls for her from  below
her fingers trace the cracking dirt

a wind blows maternally around her
the remnants of their time together
tangle loosely in her bundled hair like
leaves caught in a November cotton flower

all around signs of a mother’s sadness
cast dark shadows upon setting pride
flowers crestfallen, wilted
trees nearby cowering in near nakedness
seeds of a memory still haunting

it opens to engulf her once again
her atonement of unfortunate majesty hails
lifting her arms to Autumn air
she takes one last breath of a mother’s love
before descending back
into the dark depths of his wanton arms.