Lilith: A paradise lost in translation


She had wanted Eve to leave
But to her dismay, Eve took Adam away
and caused him to disobey
Toward what God did say

Temptation she knew Eve was
Built to make a man eat and cheat
and Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned

And she, Lilith, was first woman born

Built to make a man mate
Not abate, which is what Eve did
That evil Eve. . .with her candid lips and limbs

For Lilith was the one tossed aside and forgotten
And left to raise her kids ill-begotten
and all in a lonely world seemingly deemed as Hell

. . .But when in actuality that is quite the contrary. . .

Foresee, it was he that caused the bruise in she
that made their child bleed in need

. . .his hands weren’t there to plead
for that new life there to lead. . .
but, instead he left his seed in weeds
 to wrap his hands in greed with the keen girl                             
in the pretty leaves

So say it so swell. . .
That that really was not Hell

Foresee, it was she
That remembered that time so well
That before evil came to spell

she was the window sill he saw first
that captured the midnight moonbeams
the best across her heavenly hearse. . .

‘Sweet Lillian words I speak so well
This I know
This I tell. . . .