Gay or Straight?

An ecologist once told me that the earth has a finite surface area. There are millions upon millions of different plant and animal species that populate this earth. He said, "Think of a pin top, only so much can go on the head of a pin until things start to fall off. The same goes for the earth. Only so much can populate this earth until things start to 'fall off.'" The laws of population density are not immune to human communities. Studies show that in communities where the population is reaching maximum density, the members of that community will adapt. Ways to decrease the population can happen through disease, violence, or through the inhibition of reproduction, i.e. sterility or homosexuality. Such measures are taken to protect the stability of the habited environment and to ensure the harmonious development of future generations.

So if you ask me, gay or straight? Right or wrong, then I say, it's all just natural and there's no right or wrong way about it.

But I do have to draw the line somewhere and though it may be difficult for some to hear, I personally don't think we should be using artificial inseminations or fertility drugs, or anything that reverses what nature has already set in place when it comes to the natural response of REPRODUCTION. I believe these measures were put in place for a reason and I hesitate overriding what nature has chosen to do, even if we can, for just because we can doesn't always mean we should. And this goes the same for heterosexual women and men who may be unable to have children because of infertility as well as gay women and men, where obviously the only fundamental difference between them and their fellow heterosexual couples is their ability to reproduce within union.

And to reiterate, the ONLY fundamental difference that sets gays and straights apart is, in fact, reproduction, and I think that is the most important element to keep in mind. Nature is, quite plainly, simply elementary.

Ps. Why not adopt a cute little Chinese baby? Unless you aspire to be like the Octomom, which is a very good example of why I think why I think.






    I was living in Astoria, Queens with my two roommates Michael and Xois when I got this one.  Michael and Xois were a gay couple and had been dating just under a year when I moved in with them. I really loved living with the two of them. We always had so much fun, and I never considered their relationship anything less than normal.

       One evening I came home from work and found the two of them on the couch in this exact embrace that is seen above.  Michael's arm was lovingly draped over Xois, and Xois had tucked his head securly in the niche created. I found their expression of affection really quite beautiful so I took out my sketch book and drew what I saw.  They both thought I was being silly at doing this, however they ignored my momentary intrusion and allowed me to document the love I knew I was witnessing.

      When I decided this would be my next design for a tattoo, of course, I made a few adjustments.  Though I am quite liberal on some issues, I still wasn’t going to put two dudes on my arm regardless.  I am, needless to say, fairly elementary when it comes to my sexuality.  I like men, love them, but that is not to say I can't appreciate other types of relationships however different they may be from my own. There are many things to consider in the debate over homosexuality, i.e. whether it is right or wrong (see sidebar). But for the most part, I support real love in all its various forms, and I'm pleased to share that this beautiful design was, in fact, inspired by gay love.



      It had been years since I retold this story to anyone face to face.  Last week I was having lunch with some friends at work.  We were in the break room, alone, and just having fun.  Then my one friend, Stephanie, noticed my tattoo on my forearm and asked me about it.  I smiled. Again, I hadn’t retold this story in person for years.  So happily, I shared with her the story about Michael and Xois, the pose, and my intrusion into their intimate moment. My other friend, Padma, who had been wrestling with the ties of her shoes, sat back up after I finished my short recap and looked to me with a satisfying grin. Somehow, I knew I had made her day with what I had to say. She complemented me on the nice story and we went on with our lunch.

      Now you can believe what you want to believe. But this is truly amazing.

      When I got home that evening, I found a message from my old roommate Michael in my Facebook inbox .  The same ex-roommate I hadn’t talked to in almost 7 years.  7 YEARS people.  Michael had found me on Facebook.  I had just joined 2 weeks before.  His message was sweet. A simple hello, how are you, and then followed by news that Xois had passed away last March.

      I didn't know what to do. I just sat there allowing the chills to settle in across my body. I had just talked about him that afternoon.  I knew and I know, that at that moment, something ELSE was happening. Some sort of connection. Still today, I can't believe the timing. The beautiful timing. It’s spiritual.  It’s magical.  And it’s just so lovely.  Somehow I know Xois is near me right now, taking this all in as well. If I didn't believe before, I do now, the spirit certainly moves us all.